3 Ways to Activate Safe Mode in Windows 10

3 Ways to Activate Safe Mode in Windows 10


Here is the quick list of commands you can use to remove specific apps in Windows 10. Chooser the Windows icon to open the Start menu and find the apps you want to remove. As an example, to remove the calculator type the below command into the PowerShell prompt window. When uninstalling a Windows 10 app, hit Uninstall on the pop-up agreeing to uninstall the app and its related info. It’s easy to do it, at least Microsoft didn’t reinvented app uninstalling. Locate the folder on the Start Menu containing the program you want to uninstall.

  • Hopefully, the whole process wasn’t a big hassle for you, and you were successfully able to install a fresh version of Windows 10 on your computer.
  • You might want to get a couple of shots to explain something to a friend or colleague, or to show off your gameplay prowess.
  • Search for and install new packages or create your own right from Atom.

Otherwise, we recommend making use offree screenshot toolsbecause this is the solution that gives you the most control and flexibility. Such is NOT the case withscreen grabbing on PC. In addition to Print Screen, Windows 7 introduced a screenshot application called Snipping Tool. Snipping Tool can be used to capture a screen shot, or snip, of any object on your screen, and then annotate, save, or share the image. WinSnap also offers a pixelate tool to help you remove sensitive information from your screenshots.


You can also use the Windows section to use native tools and troubleshoot your PC. Download Windows Repair Toolbox using the link above. Once downloaded, extract the archive and launch Windows Repair Toolbox using the .exe file. Your issues should now be fixed on Windows 11 thanks to FixWin 10. Download FixWin10 using the link above and save it to a convenient location.

You can also copy the screenshot to the clipboard, by clicking on the icon located next to the Save option. The Windows Key + Shift + S keyboard shortcut can also be used to activate the Screen Sketch’s screen capturing features. The New Snipping feature will grant you access to the Free Form and Full-Screen icons, and you can select them by https://driversol.com/drivers/dell/ clicking on their icons at the top of the screen. You can either double-click on the app’s desktop icon or you can launch it from the Windows Start menu.

Windows 11 Smart App Control blocks files used to push malware

Usually, this issue occurs when a background app is interfering with your PC’s screenshot operations. Also, some apps could cause captured screenshots to be saved in a different directory on your PC, conversely making you think your device doesn’t take screenshots. It allows you to input images, such as Microsoft Word or MSPaint, to save the file. If you select a full-screen snip, the tool will capture the entire screen. On Windows, the Snipping Tool was superseded with the Snip & Sketch tool.

Method 3: Use the Start Menu

Make sure to enter your PC’s BIOS/UEFI settings and change the “Boot Order” to USB to do this. Creating the USB drive with the Media Creation Tool makes it “EUFI ready,” so you shouldn’t have problems with Secure Boot blocking your drive. You can also start fresh and perform a clean installation of Windows 11 using your USB drive. You can also click the drive letter—the contents of the drive will open in File Explorer. You should find the installation files shown in the shot below. After the download completes, the wizard will begin creating your Windows 11 bootable USB drive.

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