Bsbrk401 A Assessment 4

Bsbrk401 A Assessment 4

Bsbrk401 A Assessment 4


Relative legislative requirements Potential risks and their ratings and Recommended control measures for the risks


Title: Bsbrk401 A Assessment 4
Length: 2 pages (550 Words)
Style: N/A



Pre-Assessment Checklist for Trainer/Assessor to fill:

Is the candidate ready for assessment?Yes
Have you explained the assessment process and task?Yes
Does the candidate understand which evidence is to be collected and how?Yes
Have the candidate’s rights and the appeal system been fully explained?Yes
Have you discussed any special needs or reasonable adjustments to be considered during the assessment?Yes
Does the candidate have access to all required resources?Yes

Instructions to candidates

  • You must follow the instructions about the number of points required and description or discussion
  • You can complete this as a paper based task or a word processed task
  • Your assessor will negotiate a date of submission for this plan
  • You will be assessed on the criteria specified in the performance checklist given below
  • You will be given one opportunity to re-submit this assessment
  • Your assessor will provide you feedback on your performance

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