Business essentials:About Brussels, Belgium

Business essentials:About Brussels, Belgium

Business essentials

About Brussels, Belgium

Filiz and Smith should open the next coffee shop in Belgium. It is one of the most populated countries in Europe. The country has a population of 10.8 million people, and it is culturally diverse.  The coffee shop will be opened in Brussels near Atomium turistice. Brussels is the capital of Belgium, and it is also considered as the center of European politics (Belgium country profile, 2016). It is the home of many EU and NATO employees, and it is considered as one of the most secure cities globally. On the other hand, Atomium Turistice objective is a landmark of the Belgium (A Belgian Landmark, 2014). It is an attractive place for people to visit. Therefore, it will is an ideal location for Filiz and Smith to open a coffee shop.

Belgium has the highest per capital incomes in Europe and a balanced income distribution. Therefore, the country has a well-spread purchasing power which makes it a suitable place for investment (Doing Business in Belgium, 2013). Brussel is one of the most culturally diverse city with 30% of the population being of foreign origin. In this case, the city has a unique atmosphere, and it is easy for foreigners to assimilate the culture.   Brussels is known as the major center of Belgium’s economy (Cleaf, 2010). Just like any other capital in the world many people in Belgium move to Brussels to look for employment. It supports various initiatives to boost the country’s income. 

Although the country is culturally diverse, businesses are required to uphold the country’s business culture. The entrepreneurial culture in Belgium follows an egalitarian culture. It is a mixture of hard-working German and Dutch style (Doing Business in Belgium and Work Culture | Expat Arrivals, n.d.). This shows the uniqueness of the business culture in the country. Meetings are important in Belgium as they signify that a person is willing to work with his or her partner. If one wants to start a business, they are required to hold a business meeting (Meeting etiquette, 2014). The meetings should be formal, and one should show the willingness to compromise as it is a Belgian value. If the meeting goes well, people can arrange a lunch date where people can have a social conversation. Meetings assist in developing mutual trust which is a significant component among Belgians.

Nevertheless, there are structural challenges that a new company should be ready to meet. An important thing about Belgium is that there are two business cultures. One of the cultures resembles egalitarian culture which consists of hardworking German and Dutch style. In the particular culture, businesses embrace horizontal organization (Doing Business in Belgium and Work Culture | Expat Arrivals, n.d.). They also have a Belgian-French business culture whereby companies are strictly organized horizontally. Another challenge that a new company expanding in Brussels should consider is the labour laws (Labour laws, 2016). Companies are required to follow the working, pay and employment conditions stipulated in the law.

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is the set of actions or tactics which are utilized by companies to promote their products or brand in the market (Richter, 2012). Filiz and Smith should consider developing a marketing mix so as to promote their coffee shop in Brussels. 


When opening a new coffee shop it significant to consider the clients and their preferences. Clients have different ways of using their money and places they can spend it (Richter, 2012). Therefore, Filiz and Smith should introduce a menu that the clients want. In this case, a market research is necessary so as to understand the customers’ preferences when it comes to coffee. Initially, people in Brussels preferred what one may consider a decent coffee that they could take away (Lindemans, 2014). They were not used to flavored coffee like people from other parts of the world. However, people are becoming accustomed to the new caffeine trend. Coffee shops are opening around the city, and the public well receives them.   Nevertheless, for the coffee shop to stand-out from the rest of the coffee shops, we will use finest coffee beans from Kenya. The coffee beans are from Fairtrade Growing Women in Coffee Foundation which focuses on helping women farmers in Kenya. It is also important to offer a uniquely relaxing environment encompassing the Kenyan feel.


The pricing of the coffee is important as it will highly impact how it sells in the new market. In this case, the clients’ perception is significan

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