Close Reading #3 – Literary Analysis Proposal or Abstract

Close Reading #3 – Literary Analysis Proposal or Abstract

Close Reading #3 – Literary Analysis Proposal or Abstract

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  • MLA format – 12pt, Times New Roman font, Double-spaced, 1-inch Margins
  • Name, date, class in upper left corner
  • Upper Right Header – last name & page number (use INSERT for the pg#; don’t just type it in)
  • Title – centered
  • 500-750 words (500 word minimum)

You’ve done two close readings to this point that focused on specific elements of a text. Now, you’re working on a Literary Analysis assignment that expands on the skills that you would use for a close reading.

For your third close reading assignment, you’re going to write a Proposal or Abstract that introduces the topic you’ve chosen for your Literary Analysis paper. Specifically, I want to know what types of analysis or literary elements you’re looking at. You can treat this as a summary of your paper/topic or even something like an introduction. Material that you write for this assignment can be used in the Literary Analysis paper.

Abstracts & Proposals are often used in academic & professional writing to give a brief summary or sense of what’s to come from the full paper. They’re used to enter conferences, seek publication, submit business ventures, & other various opportunities.

For this assignment, you want to identify what piece you’re writing about & explain the main idea/concept that you’ll be working on. You may want to provide some background information – such as what drew you to this topic or why you find it interesting. Then you want to offer a taste – a teaser, if you will – of what’s to come in the full paper. Finally, you end with a discussion of why your topic/argument matters.

I’ve attached a few examples of what a Proposal/Abstract can look like to give you a sense of what your work should be.

Suggested Outline:

  • Intro
    • Offer brief context information – the title & author of the piece you’re using
    • An explanation of why you’re interested in it, etc.
    • An explanation of the main thesis/idea you’re working on in the Literary Analysis paper.
  • Body
    • In 2-3 paragraphs, explain your topic/focus.
    • Explain what literary elements you’re analyzing – metaphors, irony, satire, foreshadowing, etc.
    • Perhaps offer one quick/brief example of the type of analysis you’re doing.
  • Conclusion
    • Conclude the essay with a paragraph that discusses the importance of what you’re writing about.
    • Why does your analysis matter? Why should anyone care about the topic or your take on it once you’ve finished it?
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