community health and health promotion.

community health and health promotion.

What are the differences between primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention? Give an example of each, and discuss which you think is the most effective in community health and health promotion.

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The differences between the three preventions is that (1) Primary prevent one from getting the disease.  An example  of primary prevention is health education.  (2) Secondary prevention detects disease early and prevents it from getting worse immediately after injury or disease happens.  An example of secondary prevention is an x-ray to rule out a fracture.  (3) Tertiary prevention helps prolong life by managing a chronic disease and reducing the symptoms of a disease he, or she already have.   An example of tertiary prevention is a cancer patient receiving chemotherapy. 

In my opinion, primary prevention is the most effective in community health and health promotion due to there efforts strive to prevent injury or disease before they occur.  By striving to prevent these things from happening, we can make communities happier and healthier.

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