(Solved) COUN 6350 Clinical Mental Health Counseling Solved

(Solved) COUN 6350 Clinical Mental Health Counseling Solved

COUN 6350 Clinical Mental Health Counseling Solved


Based on the text, existing literature, and class discussion boards, develop a programmatic counseling intervention aimed at a particular population and issue/need in a clinical mental health setting.

a.To develop this program intervention, students will select a mental health issue/problem that they anticipate confronting as a mental health counselor.

b.These topics may include but are not limited to: family violence, pastoral counseling, multicultural counseling, teenage parents, child sexual abuse, the elderly, homeless/runaway teens, teenage gangs, etc.

c.Each student will conduct a literature review on the nature and scope of the problem and existing counseling approaches (both descriptive and empirical reports) that have been shown to be effective.

d.Included in your paper will be ten (10) references from refereed journals, texts and/or a combination of the two. Your references should not be older than 10 years (2001) unless you are citing either a “landmark” article or book.

e.The required paper must be a minimum of ten (10) pages in length (to include a title page, abstract, and references on separate pages, which are not included in the minimum page count) and IS NOT to exceed fifteen (15) pages. This paper must be written in accordance with the APA Style Manual (6th ed.; see manual for formatting of page headers, running head, pagination, reference lists, etc.). Please submit this assignment to Blackboard. Please see grading rubric at the end of the syllabus. Your paper must include the following major sections:

i.Description of the problem nationally AND in the local area in which you reside
ii.Operational definition of key terms
iii.Current effective treatment interventions and research support/evidence for working with the selected population
iv.Description of your proposed program intervention procedures and population being served
v.Counselor role and function in the program intervention
vi.Procedures used to gauge success of the program (outcomes; plan for evaluation measures of outcomes)
vii.Discussion of special issues (e.g., ethical, contextual) that could or will impact the program
viii.Professional CMHC organizations who could support the training and advancement of the program
ix.Implications for counselors

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