Neurological Disorders. Cerebrovascular Disease

Using either PowerPoint or Prezi, create a presentation that demonstrates your comprehension regarding these communication elements:
March 19, 2020
March 24, 2020

Neurological Disorders. Cerebrovascular Disease

Chapter 23 –  Neurological Disorders.   Cerebrovascular Disease  
Chapter 24 –  Mental Health.

Question(s): Choose one neurological disorder discussed in your textbook. Mention signs and symptoms of the chosen disease / disorder. Discuss its management and important nursing implications.  

Guidelines: The answer should be based on the knowledge obtained from reading the book, no just your opinion. If there are 4 questions in the discussion, you must answer all of them. Your grade will be an average of all answers. 

Grading Criteria: Student mentions one neurological disease / disorder from the textbook (25%). Student mentions signs and symptoms of the chosen disease / disorder (25%). Student discusses management of the mentioned disease / disorder (25%). Student discusses important nursing implications.

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