Project:  To gain experience in developing a newspaper or newsletter.  Develop a newsletter using all of the files from assignment #2 from all of your classmates’ articles that were emailed to you. Use Microsoft Word, Publisher (preferred) or comparable for this assignment.  Publisher is highly recommended. You will want a minimum of three columns, use small font 9-10 (depending on font), a readable font, and .5” margins all around.  You will add headings, graphics, pictures, borders, and everything else you feel to make the newsletter looking good, clear, concise, and ready to disseminate.  You will use everyone’s press releases in this assignment.    

Rationale:  To gain experience in the process of assembling information through the format of a newsletter or newspaper layout.  Newsletters can be used for CTSO’s groups, clubs, or other organizations.  Dissemination can be targeted to specific groups or made available for the general public.

Many school districts have to promote their programs each year as a part of their communications efforts.  Some small school districts will develop a newsletter that represents curricular and extra-curricular activities as well as other aspects of school and community involvement

Directions:  Your project will include a: 1) plan, 2) One copy submitted via email, and 3) the evaluation rubric. 

 1.  Plan for the development of newsletter:

 A  Statement for the purpose(s) of this newsletter.

 B.  Rationale (statement of need).

 C.  Description of the target audience(s) number, special characteristics and reasons why they were selected to receive newsletters.

 D.  Consider adding graphics where appropriate.

 2.  The production layout of a newsletter should be computer-generated, error-free, thoroughly proofed and ready to be printed.  Any diagrams or pictures should be included (or pasted) in position desired.  Space, folds and blocks, if desired, should be included.  This should be a camera-ready copy ready to be given to a printer.  You will not edit the submissions…just add graphics.

You will create headings, add relevant pictures to their press release.  You will also maybe use quotes in callout boxes.  Formatting consistent is key.  Make sure you check that all the headings are formatted the same.  The body of all press releases are formatted the same.  Spell checked….Make it look nice.  This assignment can be a bit time consuming, so make sure you leave yourself ample time to complete the project. 

 3.  You will then send the completed assignment to [email protected] as an attachment to email.

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