Nr507 Week 2: Disease Process Presentation Assignment Part 1

Nr507 Week 2: Disease Process Presentation Assignment Part 1


Nr507 Week 2: Disease Process Presentation Assignment Part 1

The purpose of the Week 2 Disease Process Assignment Part 1 is for learners to:

  • Develop professional presentation/communication skills.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the risk factors for disease development.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the progression of a disease from the initial injury to the defect in the tissue, organ and system functioning.
  • Describe the role of the health care provider in the prevention of the disease.

Due Date:  Sunday 11:59 PM MT at the end of Week 2

Course Outcomes

  1. Analyze pathophysiological mechanisms associated with select disease states.
  2. Relate research findings to the management of patients with complex pathophysiologic dysfunction.

Total Points Possible: 100 points


Description of the Assignment

In Week 7, students will present an audio/video PowerPoint presentation using the Disease Process Presentation Guidelines and Rubric located under Course Resources. To ensure timely development of the Week 7 assignment and an opportunity to receive feedback from the course faculty, students will develop the Week 7 presentation in 2 parts.  Parts 1 and 2 will be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation that contains thorough speaker notes. After students have received faculty feedback on Parts 1 and 2, students will develop the final presentation that is audio and video recorded and uploaded to the Week 7 Discussion Board.

Criteria for Content

  1. Introduce the disease with a brief definition and description.
  2. Discuss the Risk Factorsand the connection to the Etiology of the initial injury to the cell/tissue/organ.
  3. Show the progression from the initial injury to the defect in the tissue, organ and system functioning.
  4. Discuss health care provider implications for prevention of the disease.
  5. Provide a summary slide that highlights main points presented.
  6. Reference slide and in-text citations depict references correctly cited according to APA.

Preparing the Assignment

Criteria for Format and Special Instructions

Presentation Guidelines:

  • The presentation should include a PowerPoint presentation that contains detailed speaker notes.
  • The presentation contain main heading slides that address the assignment criteria listed above.
  • The presentation should contain appropriate evidence to support the information presented per APA format.
  • Slides should be used as cues to topics and key concepts without lengthy sentences and paragraphs
  • The presentation should contain a reference slide with all sources written in APA format

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