(Solved) Nurs 442: Gerontological Nursing

(Solved) Nurs 442: Gerontological Nursing

Nurs 442: Gerontological Nursing

For this assignment you will write a paper in which you explore an emerging sub-population within the older adult age group. This sub-population may include aging individuals with intellectual disabilities, aging adults living on the streets, aging individuals who are incarcerated, as well as those aging with HIV/AIDs.

Within this paper you will address: who is included in this sub-population (e.g., ages, living situations); the issues of aging within this sub-population; issues related to housing this sub-population; how nurses can intervene with individuals within this sub-population; as well as larger system implications (e.g., housing, palliative care).

Before you begin Assignment 4, discuss your selected topic with your tutor. Please note, if you would like to propose another sub-population different from those listed above, you are most welcome to do so; however, please check with your tutor prior to choosing another sub-population.

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