(Solved): Individual Awareness and implications for Organizational Behavior

Purpose and components of this Assignment:Reflecting on your personal experience with organizations (e.g., your college, clubs, sports teams, part-time jobs, internships, etc.),describe your strengths, weaknesses, learning style, values, personality characteristics,motivation needs, etc.(refer to “Managing Oneself” by Peter Drucker and Textbook).Identify a specific point in time: for example when you made an important decision (e.g. to join or leave an organization or a team), or when you were highly satisfied or unsatisfied, or when you came to a realization about yourself, etc.Reflect on the “whys” as it relates to who you are as a person and your tendencies and preferences.Provide empirical evidence for this description (specific examples).Include what you have learned about yourself and future career implications.You are to make at least 3 connections drawing on the personality traits, emotional intelligence, learning styles, motivational drives, and other individual OB concepts when reflecting and writing this paper.Advice: Start from who you are, then connect with relevant concepts or principles.Please use at least 3 references from at least 3 different sources (e.g. textbook, Drucker article or other sources)in developing your ideas to ensure that your connections are relevant and coherent.

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