(Answered) Adolescent Health Risk Essay


(Answered) Adolescent Health Risk Essay

Adolescent Health Risk For this assignment, you will develop a paper Choose a health risk associated with adolescence. Some categories to consider may include: • Suicide • Pregnancy • Substance use and abuse • Motor vehicle crashes • Tobacco use • Sexually transmitted disease • Domestic violence • Mental health issues • Eating disorders • Nutrition and fitness Include the following in your paper: 1. An overview of the risk factor 2. Contributing factors 3. Prevalence of the health risk (meaningful data) 4. Explain your role with the issue as a health care practitioner/advocate 5. Ways to identify a problem and address the issue 6. Present an activity or project or exercise for the audience to engage in related to the topic 7. Help and support resources Write a 3 page paper following APA format. You must include 2–3 scholarly sources in your citations and references, with one containing the most current statistics.

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