(Answered): Arab-Israeli Conflict Multimodal Research Assignment


(Answered): Arab-Israeli Conflict Multimodal Research Assignment

Task This multimodal research assignment will be presented as a recorded news segment. For the purposes of the news segment, you will take on the character of a foreign correspondent for the current affairs program Dateline. In your role, you will be required to assist viewers in understanding the current Arab-Israeli conflict, by presenting a news segment that investigates a historical aspect of the conflict. The news segment should respond to one of the questions: To what extent have peace processes within the Arab-Israeli conflict been successful? In response to the chosen research question, you will be required to: Conduct background reading on the topic. Develop an initial hypothesis based on your research to be explored and substantiated in the news segment. Develop at least three to four focus questions and relevant sub-questions which will help you substantiate your hypothesis. Analyse and evaluate a range of historical sources which will help you investigate this topic. Submit all aspects of your inquiry in an A4 research book on the due date with your final product. Refer to the research book template and example on Learner Link for guidance. Full in-text referencing and bibliography is required Structure The material you present in the news segment should have the same ingredients as that which are required for a written research paper, i.e. a logical progression from INTRODUCTION (hypothesis) to BODY (strong supporting arguments, accurate and up-to-date information) to CONCLUSION (re-state hypothesis, summary, and logical conclusion). Your news segment is required to use a variety of audio-visual techniques to help communicate the investigation. This could include the following: Still photos Short video clips.

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