(Answered): Colonial era to civil war primary source analysis paper


(Answered): Colonial era to civil war primary source analysis paper

United States History, Colonial Era to Civil War Primary Source Analysis Paper #2 Instructions A hard copy of the paper is due in class on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 27. The essay should be 650-700 WORDS, TYPEWRITTEN, and DOUBLE-SPACED. Also, you must staple the completed second page of the APPARTS worksheet distributed in class. The worksheet is posted under Course Materials on Blackboard. Failure to do so will result in a 5 point grade reduction. Choose one (1) of the following primary documents from Voices of Freedom: Ch. 7: #43, #44 OR Ch. 8: #47, #48, #49, #50 OR Ch. 10: #60, #62, #63 OR Ch. 11: #66, #67, # 69, #70, #71, #72 The documents listed above are meant to be considered as suggestions. If you wish to choose another document from Voices of Freedom, you may do so. Having chosen one (1) document write a primary source analysis that addresses the following questions: • What is the document? Who/what/whom produced the document, and who/what/whom was the intended audience? • In what context was the document produced? Who/what/when/where/why informed the document’s content? • What is the historical significance of the document? What does it teach us about the time period, and the conditions of the society in which it was produced? If you wish, you may choose more than one document. In the essay, you may refer to class lectures, or to Chapters 6-11 in American Yawp.

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