(Answered) Critique of a primary research study: Quantitative


(Answered) Critique of a primary research study: Quantitative

THERE ARE SEVERAL THINGS ATTACHED. EACH ARTICLE ATTACHED REQUIRES ITS ON QUANTITATIVE STUDY APPRAISAL WORKSHEET. I HAVE ALSO ATTACHED A SAMPLE PAPER OF HOW THE FINISHED PAPER SHOULD LOOK. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS PLEASE CONTACT ME AT 3125890457. APPENDIX D Review of Literature You will work on this assignments in GROUPS OF THREE students of your choosing. A review of literature provides the practicing nurse with the latest knowledge regarding any aspect of practice. For this assignment, you will conduct a literature review for one of the PICOTS questions you developed in a previous assignment. Step 1: Choose a research question Choose one of the research questions you or your partner developed for the PICOT question assignment. If you are unable to locate evidence (in Step 2) for your chosen research question, use another one of the 10 total you and your partner developed. Step 2: Search for evidence Locate at least THREE full-text quantitative primary research articles that are relevant to your research question. Skim through each entire report to have an overall view of it and determine if you understand its contents at a basic level, especially if it’s from an international journal. • Highlight the pertinent parts of your selected study that correspond to the sections in the appraisal form. This is the version of the study that you will upload with your paper (DON’T skip this step!) Each report must be approved by your instructor before you start to analyze it! Step 3: Appraise the primary source reports (10 points for each report; 30 total) You will next appraise the studies to determine its potential usefulness to inform nursing practice. As part of this analysis, you need to determine the quality/rigor of the investigation. You can do this by answering some key questions about the integrity with which they sampled participants, measured variables, etc. Complete the form for the relevant research report (Quantitative Study Appraisal Worksheet) by typing in your answers. Include supporting information from the report in your own words. You may change spacing to the document to accommodate text as needed.   APPENDIX D Review of Literature (cont’d) Step 4: Write your Review of Literature Use the following headings and include the requested information under each. Introduction (5 points) Include the reason you chose the topic (first person for this part only is permitted) and a purpose statement (“The purpose of this paper is…”). Description of First Study (25 points) You should include these main points in your summary: • research design • setting • sample (sampling method, inclusion/exclusion criteria, attrition or response rate if any, number of subjects and demographics of sample) • how the researchers conducted their study • data analysis (name specific statistical tests) and important results • researcher findings/conclusions Description of Second Study (25 points) See above. Description of Third Study (25 points) See above. Conclusion (20 points) Synthesize your overall findings of the three primary source reports. State whether or not the data is strong enough to support a change in practice. Step 5: Review for grammar and mechanics, format in APA, and submit your work (10 points) Your paper MUST be properly formatted in APA style (title page, headers, headings, in-text citations, and references). Title your paper “Review of Literature”, and your running head should be “REVIEW OF LITERATURE”. Name each Word document as follows: Lastname and Lastname and Lastname ROL Study 1 Lastname and Lastname and Lastname ROL Study 2 Lastname and Lastname and Lastname ROL Study 3 Lastname and Lastname and Lastname ROL Worksheet 1 Lastname and Lastname and Lastname ROL Worksheet 2 Lastname and Lastname and Lastname ROL Worksheet 3 Lastname and Lastname and Lastname ROL Paper Upload a copy of each selected study from Step 2, your completed worksheets from Step 3, and your paper from Step 4 to the appropriate submission folder in Brightspace.  

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