(Answered) Developing an advocacy campaign for a health population


(Answered) Developing an advocacy campaign for a health population

This Paper should be the continuation of a Paper which I have attached. It should be in APA Format. 1- First, Please Proof read the attached paper carefully, to understand the Policy Proposal Which I have Been Working on. Also, Correct any APA errors in the formatting and Reference Page. 2- Next, you will need to Complete a final section of the Paper, by Addressing the Following Headings: Ethical Implications -Introduce this section by making a general statement related to ethics. The idea is to have Ethical Principles of Nursing woven into this section…Principles include autonomy, justice, beneficence, non-maleficence, etc. Please make appropriate in-text citations. -Ethical Dilemmas Here, please consider the possible ethical dilemmas that may be involved in relation to en-acting my proposed policy. -How the Dilemmas Could Be Resolved As the heading suggests, please mention how the dilemmas brought up in the previous section can be resolved. -Applicable Ethics and Lobbying Laws Are there any applicable ethics and lobbying laws which could affect this policy proposal? Special Ethical Challenges Unique to the Population -What are the ethical challenges that specifically affect my population of choice for which this policy is being implemented? (African Americans) -Summary The summary should summarize the main points from the entire paper and should be able to tie all the sections together. *Pls you will need to Review Provisions 7, 8 and 9 of the ANA Code of Ethics in relation to Advocacy for Population Health, to help address sections of this paper. *If Possible, make use of some of the Previous References I have already mentioned in the First section of the paper, which I have attached.

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