(Answered): Elizabeth Candy Stanton and Susan B. Anthony and the Suffrage Movement


(Answered): Elizabeth Candy Stanton and Susan B. Anthony and the Suffrage Movement

Writing Assignment Two – Minimum of 1500 Words – NOT including cover page and source list. 1. Your writing assignment should be on the same topic as your Annotated Bibliography. 2. Students must use FSW Library’s online catalog and subscription databases to obtain scholarly sources. a. Use 4 Secondary and 2 Primary sources. Please view your comments for the Annotated Bibliography. You may need to add, replace, or delete some of your sources. b. DO NOT USE Textbooks, Websites, Encyclopedias, or movies. This includes Oxford, Biography, or any other reference materials. c. Use sources such as non-fiction books, journal articles, and academic style articles from magazines. You can use limited websites such as the government archives, and d. Use the FSW library database. Recommended subscription databases include Academic Search Complete, Arts & Science, Social Sciences Full Text, Humanities International Complete, and World History. To access the Library’s online catalog and databases, click on the links Find a Book and Find an Article on the Library’s homepage at 3. While writing the paper, ask yourself who, what, where, when, how, and why questions. What were the effects? How and why is my topic historically relevant? Why does this topic make a good window through which to view the big picture of World History? 4. Create the paper in Microsoft Word, using 12-point type, Times New Roman font, double-spaced paragraphs, and one-inch margins. 5. PROOFREAD your paper before submission to the professor. Check your Turnitin Results. Submit early enough to make any corrections. 6. Create an original title for your paper. List the title on the cover page of the paper, along with student name, semester, Instructor name, and course ID. 7. Use APA Citation Style. To cite your sources, I recommend using the following websites: Son of Citation Machine: (Links to an external site.) Purdue Online Writing Guide: (Links to an external site.) Writing Tips: * Use in-text, APA parenthetical citations (author’s name and date) to cite sources within the body of the paper. Each paragraph generally will need at least one in-text citation. * Use direct quotes only when you could not have said it better yourself. Place direct quotes in quotation marks and cite the source. Limit papers to only a few direct quotes. * Cite every idea gleaned from your sources, even when paraphrasing or summarizing. Do not cite common knowledge, e.g., “The American Civil War ended in 1865.” * Do not use first person pronouns, e.g., “I”, “you”, “us”, or “we”, in a scholarly paper. Write only in the third person, e.g., “he, she, or they”. * Use the past tense, e.g., “Slavery triggered the Civil War”, not passive voice, e.g., “The Civil War was triggered by slavery”. Avoid using passive verbs, e.g., “It was decided” or “Decisions have been made”. Passive voice does not answer who did what to whom. * Do not plagiarize! Papers will be submitted through Turnitin. Plagiarism is quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing information from resources without acknowledging them with citations, letting someone else write part or all of your paper, or downloading part or all of your paper from the Internet. Students who plagiarize will earn a ZERO for the assignment. Grading * When grading the papers, the professor considers each step of the research process: selecting a topic; locating, retrieving, evaluating, and citing resources; creating a list of works cited; organizing the research; writing multiple drafts; and adhering to set guidelines. The grade for this assignment is based on the following five categories, worth 20 points each: Resources, Citations, Narrative Quality, Information & Organization, & Historical Analysis.

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