(Answered): Essay on “The New Jim Crow” book – History 1302 Civil Rights Course


(Answered): Essay on “The New Jim Crow” book – History 1302 Civil Rights Course

More Detailed instructions attached: Using The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, you will need to write an essay of at least 750 words, in about 2.5 pages answering each of the following questions using specific evidence from the book to support your answers fully. 1) How does Alexander trace the roots of mass incarceration back to the institutions of slavery and Jim Crow? Based on knowledge gained from this course, do you find her to be missing any information that would change the overall scope of her argument? Why or why not? 2) How does the War on Drugs play into mass incarcerations in America today? Are these policies inherently racist? 3) What is the role of the Supreme Court? How do their decisions shape how Americans (especially those of color) are treated by the police? What do you think were some of the most important decisions they made in regards to what police and the criminal justice system can and cannot do that impact Americans today? 4) If this is the age of colorblindness, where most Americans do not express or endorse racial discrimination, how is it that our criminal justice system is achieving results that are skewed towards the arrests and incarceration of colored men? Do you think that in today’s world it is good to be colorblind, or should we address issues of race more openly? 5) When looking at the issue of mass incarceration, Alexander says, “We (Americans) know and we don’t know at the same time.” Do you agree with this sentiment? How much of a role do you think the media plays in shaping our attitudes? Do you agree that “as a society, our collective understanding of racism has been powerfully influenced by the shocking images of the Jim Crow era and the struggle for civil rights?” Do you think not seeing mass incarceration is what leads so many people not to think about it? 6) Do you agree with Alexander that mass incarceration is the “new Jim Crow?” Why or why not? ***USE QUOTES FROM THE BOOK. Here is the link to the book-

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