(Answered): “Evacuation Was a Mistake”: Anger at Being Interned


(Answered): “Evacuation Was a Mistake”: Anger at Being Interned

Students will write a 500-800 word ESSAY (Intro/body/conclusion paragraphs) that discusses and critically analyzes at least ONE of the primary source handouts. Students will then place the primary source within the context of the history discussed in this class. -For Reading Response #2 choose ANY SINGLE document in the ‘Primary Source Documents’ #6-10 folders It is the intention of this assignment to get students to critically evaluate history for themselves and place it within a perspective that they understand and support. ***That is to say that students will write about one of the primary source documents, explaining what its is, how it relates to larger and specific themes in the history we have discussed, and WHY IT IS IMPORTANT*** This assignment must be submitted in text box provided. DO NOT ATTACH YOUR ESSAY. Assignments submitted as attachments will receive a failing grade So, the essay should be: 1st Paragraph: Brief Summary of The Primary Resource. 2nd Paragraph: History Context of the primary resource 3rd Paragraph: Critical analysis 4th Paragraph: Conclusion the sample of my previous essay is attached as well as the primary resource.

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