(Answered): From Slave Narrative to Autobiography: Sojourner Truth


(Answered): From Slave Narrative to Autobiography: Sojourner Truth

Discussion Questions: Choose only one. – In “Introduction to Writing a Woman’s Life”, Carolyn Heilbrun writes that “Power is the ability to take one’s place in whatever discourse is essential to action and the right to have one’s part matter” (18). How do you see Sojourner Truth taking this power in her narrative? One might consider the fact of her illiteracy as obstacle that she overcame. – Xiomara Santamarina’s work, “Race, Work, and Literary Authority in The Narrative of Sojourner Truth,” discusses how black women perceived their working lives and their professional endeavors. How do you think Truth consider her physical labors and how did this physical strength influence her views on life, liberty, and freedom? Use different examples or elaborate more on those provided by Santamarina.

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