(Answered) Health Project Evaluation -PowerPoint Presentation


(Answered) Health Project Evaluation -PowerPoint Presentation

Project Presentation Evaluation 1000 Words or equivalent Creative powerpoint 1. Evaluate your chosen project (Menshed) for a specific population using the worksheets provided. 2. Your final presentation is a summary of your evaluation not a step by step report of your findings. However, it MUST include clear reference to the population you have chosen, discussion of the relevance to the National health Priorities. It must include presentation of your community needs and assets findings (use ABS, relevant health department, and Local Council websites to help you with your needs analysis, see learning module for details) and an evaluation of the effectiveness of the program 3. Support findings in all sections with reference to current and/or seminal literature. 4. All work must be appropriately referenced using APA, and be well edited and proof read prior to final submission.  Present your evaluation in a powerpoint presentation, creatively presented. A traditional text based powerpoint is not acceptable. Promote the assignment, make it interesting! An example presentation is available at this address:

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