(Answered) Healthcare Staffing


(Answered) Healthcare Staffing

Create a 1000 to 1500 word paper (use APA formatting) to answer the exercise. Incorporate concepts learned from your textbook and professional sources (No Wikis). Include at least three (4) references. Review Chapter readings and discuss staffing issues similar to the situation noted in Exercise 14.2 on page 266 of your text. Consider the impact of staffing on the organization. Discuss how you will prioritize care needs, think about skills of others, the impact of changes in assignments, the potential for delegation and assignment, and the potential for other factors to affect staffing. Exercise 14.2, pg 266 reads as follows: Review a healthcare organizations policies on overtime. Is mandatory overtime covered in the policy? Are the consequences for failing to work mandatory overtime when requested to do so by a supervisor outlined in the policy? How would you respond to a nurse manager who required you to stay on the job after your shift was over? Develop a list of questions you might ask on a job interview relating to use of overtime in an organization. What does the state board of nursing in GA allow regarding mandatory overtime? As a nurse manager, how would you respond to a staffing shortage without mandatory overtime as an option? Develop a list of strategies for eliminating mandatory overtime, if such exists. Prefer someone with nursing experience to write this paper.

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