(Answered): HISTORY


(Answered): HISTORY

The Age of Jackson A Quick Study on America’s Market Revolution during the early 19th Century with consideration of Advancements in: Transportatoin Industrialization Immigration Communication What you will need to complete this assignment (you will find these resources on this link provided):  Our textbook “Charles Dickens, Excerpts from the American Notes for General Circulation” Maps of Southern Cotton Production (attached to the Dickens short essay) Map of Location of Cotton Mills in the 1820’s Maps of the day:  Travel times from NYC in 1800, 1830, 1857, and 1930 Handout from class of the Romanticists and the Transcendentalists (attached)   Assignment:  As dramatic change was taking place throughout the Age of Jackson, Americans began demanding for radical reform.  Even if most Americans believed in traditional, tight-knit communities with conservative values; new political, economic, and social realities were surfacing every day.  The nation multiplied and expanded while at the same time, it was more interconnected than ever before!    1)  For ten extra credit points, read and review the documents listed above.  2)  In essay form  (Times, New Roman, 1 inch margins, double-spaced): , 3)  identify the major transportation improvements in this period and explain how they influenced the market economy.  4)  How did state and local governments promote the national economy in this period  5)  What role did immigrants play in the new market society?  6)  How did changes in the law promote development in the economic system of America?  7)  How did the market revolution change woman’s work and family roles? 8)  What did Charles Dickens, an English literary artist, have to say about America’s largest urbanization movement by 1840’s?   Please note three major issues Dickens feels compelled to point out in his essay. 8)  In contrast, give some examples of the rise of self-reliance, or “individualism” from the Romantic/Transcendental thought during this period.   Atleast 2 references

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