(Answered) How parents transmit happiness, values and behavior to their children


(Answered) How parents transmit happiness, values and behavior to their children

At the conclusion of your project, compose the results of your research in a report of your findings & conclusions. This report will feature a comprehensive review of what you have discovered through your research (or findings), followed by your own conclusions based on an analysis of the information you have presented. In this respect (i.e., reporting the findings separately from your analysis), the rhetoric for the final phase of your research project is more consistent with writing in the sciences (e.g., lab reports) than with the familiar model for writing in the humanities. Compose the report of findings & conclusions directly to your Pages document, so that the others in your group will be able to see your results. Because you are presenting the findings independently from your analysis, you may find that it is helpful to arrange this information in headed sections conforming to your objectives. The findings should not be reported in the form of a persuasive or analytical paper. Your own interpretation of the findings will be reported separately, in the conclusions. Use internal documentation to attribute specific information in your findings to specific sources. At the end of the findings & conclusions, provide a list of the sources you have referenced. No specific format for these entries is required, though you may use either MLA or APA guidelines, if appropriate for the intended context for your project. The descriptive annotations from the annotated bibliography phase are not required for your findings & conclusions. The findings & conclusions phase of your research project will be evaluated for: • evidence of significant external research (five or more relevant sources) • complete and accurate documentation of contributions from sources • effective design & composition, consistent with the objectives expressed in the project proposal It is not required that all sources listed in the annotated bibliography be represented in the findings & conclusions.

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