(Answered) Immigration ought to be recognized as a human right


(Answered) Immigration ought to be recognized as a human right

Hello, These are the instructions that my professor wants us to follow…….(on *) *Five references formatted APA Style with annotation for each are required. *References must be peer reviewed. *Excluding Wiki’s, eHow, blogs, and the like. *Follow the format for annotating and ensure the content is grammatically correct. *This assignment will be uploaded to this module as an MS Word Document . *APA is required. Provide a cover page that follows APA. *An abstract should not be included in this WA. —————————————————————– Note: My instructor wants me to do it this way *Create an annotated bibliography. An annotated bibliography can be useful to you in your research. You will need the full citation, correctly formatted, for your works-cited or references list. The annotation for each source should include a summary of major points, your evaluation of the source’s relevance and credibility, and your thoughts on what the material contributes to your project and where it might fit in. This is a sample of annotated bibliography: Note: Please include my evaluation about the articles and how they helped me, if I agree or disagree on the author’s article or my thoughts etc. Thank you. Sincerely, Marianne

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