(Answered): Island of Shame Review


(Answered): Island of Shame Review

Hist 2301 – D03 Book Review Assignment You will write one book review in this course. It will cover the following text: David Vine’s Island of Shame In this review you must: Identify the central thesis and argument Identify the author’s objective: Why did he write this book? What did he hope to achieve in writing it? Identify who this book was written for? Who is the audience? Your entire review must be 5 to 6 pages Double Space Minimum 12 point Times New Roman, w/ 1 inch margins YOU MUST CITE YOUR WORK Use parenthetical references to cite specific examples from this book to support your claims. Tell me why you are writing what you are writing, and support it by citing where in the book you got it. This assignment will be submitted through in an effort to curtail plagiarism ANY EVIDENCE OF PLAGAIRISM WILL RESULT IN A ZERO ON THIS ASSIGNMENT – NO EXCUSES

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