(Answered) Lifespan Development


(Answered) Lifespan Development

The purpose of this assignment is to summarize and apply what you learned about growth and development and nutrition and wellness. Instructions: You have just been hired as part of a large state funded grant for program managers who work in a variety of organizations (e.g., dental and pediatric health care clinics, after school programs and agencies, nonprofit and social service agencies) to develop programs that support the physical and sensory development and well-being of school age children (ages 6 – 13 years). Your assignment is to create a Power Point Presentation that summarizes the newly created program you will implement in your organization. Include the following in the presentation: 1. Type of organization and summary of the newly created program. 2. Developmental cognitive and sensory milestones appropriate for the age group (6 to 12 years) depicted in your program. 3. Summary of activities for program managers to implement to promote physical and sensory development and well-being. 4. The importance of proper nutrition and exercise to development and healthy well-being. 5. A rationale that supports the activities selected.

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