(Answered) Motivational Enhancement Therapy for Substance Abuse


(Answered) Motivational Enhancement Therapy for Substance Abuse

Seminar Presentation: Students will work in groups of 2, and take responsibility for applying a selected evidenced based theoretical framework to a specific population (e.g., individuals with anxiety disorders, depression, personality disorders, specific cultures, etc.), or to a group. This presentation should include a rationale for the choice of the therapeutic model. Students should describe the type of clients most likely to derive benefit from the therapeutic approach based on the evidence. Discussion of application in therapy and evaluation of its efficacy should be presented. Presentation must include a role play to demonstrate a component of the treatment modality. Seminar topics must be approved by the faculty during the first month of class. 1. Prepare and submit electronically to faculty the presentation objectives and 1-2 recommended readings one-week prior to the seminar. 2. The seminar should be presented in a didactic manner that fosters interest and discussion. Use of visual aids, case studies, role-playing, simulation, games and handouts are encouraged to make points about a particular therapy approach more salient. Faculty will serve as resource people. 3. Allow for a five-minute wrap-up to summarize and integrate the class discussion to highlight the most important aspects of the seminar. Grading: The seminar presentation grade will be a group grade. It will reflect the level of depth and breadth of content, creativity in presentation and clarity of application to the selected population. The seminar presentation grade accounts for 40% of the total course grade. The student’s grade will reflect: 1. Relevance and comprehensiveness of content incorporating evidence based theoretical therapy focus (50%) 2. Organization and flow of presentation, (30%) 3. Creativity and interest with use of audiovisual materials, case studies, role playing, etc. (10%) 4. Objectives and quality of assigned readings (10%) I have some articles that might be helpful attached to this message. Pls, let chart to discuss this.

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