(Answered): Movie Essay Assignment over Malcolm X- HCC History 1302


(Answered): Movie Essay Assignment over Malcolm X- HCC History 1302

HIST202 Fall 2017 Movie Assignment Guidelines In an essay of no less than 750 words, choose ONE of the following movies, which are available through HCC’s libraries (and are also available on iTunes/ Amazon) to watch. You do not need to, nor are you expected to, answer all of the questions below; rather, they are meant to be a starting point to help you organize your thoughts into a well-written essay. Focusing on one or two questions is perfectly acceptable. Be sure not to give a movie review—you are watching these films to gain a greater historical understanding of different eras. Be sure to use specific instances from the movie to help your argument. Do not use outside sources; instead, papers should be written based on your understanding of the film you choose. The essay will be due on the date noted next to the movie. This assignment will be worth 100 points towards your final grade. Use the questions to answer and analyze while writing your argumentative paper: 1) How does Malcolm X’s childhood/ early experiences with whites shape his perspective on race relations? 2) Why did the Nation of Islam appeal to Malcolm X? How did this philosophy help mold him as a man? How do friends from his past react to Malcolm’s conversion? 3) In speeches Malcolm X gives throughout the film, he is often able to draw large audiences. What do you think was the appeal of his speeches? What values does he espouse in his speeches? Why do you think people within the Afro-American community were so drawn to him? Why might whites be threatened by his message? 4) What caused Malcolm X to become disillusioned with the Nation of Islam? Do you think he was forced out of the organization because he was becoming too powerful? 5) How did Malcolm X’s philosophy change after leaving the Nation of Islam? Who was he now willing to work with? What was his ultimate goal? ***In order to receive full credit, you must: – You need to choose one of the movies listed above and write an essay of no less than 750 words in length and provide me a word count to show that you have met this criterion. Failure to provide a word count will result in an automatic 10-point deduction from your grade. – For each 50 words an assignment is below the 750 word count, you will receive a penalty of 10-points – Falsifying your word count will earn the paper an automatic grade of a 0 – If a paper is not turned in to me in or before class on its due date, you will be penalized 10 points for each class period the paper is late. I will not accept papers after the last day of class. There will be no exceptions to this policy. – Papers must be typed in 12-point font, double spaced, and have 1-inch margins. I will not accept papers that are not typed. Papers that are not double-spaced will receive a 10-point deduction. – Make sure to proofread. ***All information should come from the films and class resources. If you use an outside source, be sure to properly cite it.

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