(ANSWERED) MPH509 Module 7: Group Policy Activity: Part 4 ? Individual Policy Brief


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Part 4: Individual Policy Brief is worth 110 pointsnnAs individuals, you will each develop your own policy brief based discussions with your classmates. Based on your group work, each individual student should prepare a policy brief based on the work done with your group.nnBe sure to include the following items.n


  • The policy goal
  • n

  • A definition of the problem and the scope of the problem
  • n

  • Past policies and their effects
  • n

  • A short but specific presentation of potential solutions
  • n

  • An argument for the solution/s that the group is advocating
  • n

nSubmit your Group Policy Activity ? Part 1, Individual Policy Brief, by Sunday, 11:59 pm (MT), end of Week 7.n


nThe policy goalnnThe policy goal of this author?s group is to reduce the number of guns possessed by American citizens in order to reduce the number of gun related deaths and violence in America. To be precise, this goal can be achieved by banning tens of millions of semiautomatic weapons and High-Capacity Ammunition Magazines owned by members of the public.nnDefinition and the scope of the problemnnEach year the number of people in America killed with guns and the number of mass shooting in the country continues to rise. This has made some Americans come into a consensus that some policies are necessary in order to reduce gun related deaths and violence. Nonetheless, politicians, voters and policymakers have been debating for too far long on what measures should be put in place to reduce these deaths without coming up with a solution.nnEverytown Research & Policy (2020) point out that, more than 100 people living in America are killed with guns and 200 more?..

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