(ANSWERED) NR361 Week 1 Discussion: AACN Essentials Informatics Self-Assessment


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PurposennThis week?s graded discussion topic relates to the following Course Outcome (CO).n


  • CO2 Analyze data from all relevant sources, including technology, to inform the delivery of care. (PO 2)
  • n

nDiscussionnnDownload and open the?AACN Essentials Self-Assessment.?(Links to an external site.)?Complete the self-assessment of your current comfort levels and total your score. If you are willing, please share your results with your classmates in your discussion post. (Remember, this is the starting point for our course and the start of the knowledge we will learn over 8 weeks).nnAs you reflect on your score, identify areas where your knowledge could use improvement. Whether you are a new graduate or a seasoned nurse, it is important to keep in mind that all professional nurses are knowledge workers. Utilizing the readings from your textbook, describe your current knowledge base in informatics and how you can improve your knowledge as they relate to nursing informatics and AACN essential. What additional questions do you have as they relate to nursing informatics and the AACN essentials?

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