(ANSWERED) NR447 Week 5 Discussion: Reflection on Knowledge of Competencies


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nnReflect on your current knowledge of the Nurse Practice Act in your state or review your acts, rules, and regulations by going to the National Council of State Boards of Nursing at? to an external site.)n


  • How familiar are you with your state?s Nurse Practice Act?
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  • What did you learn that you didn?t know before today?
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  • How does this knowledge assist you as a leader or manager?
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nHello Everyone!nnI will admit it, I am not super familiar with the Ohio Nurse Practice Act, outside of what was taught in nursing school and doing the required CE?s as part of renewing my license, that?s about it. ?I do know a few basics, such as how to delegate to unlicensed personnel as it pertains to my specialty. There are certain things that an OR tech can do to help RN?s. They can help gather surgical equipment and place it in the room, turn over rooms, and they can also run specimens to the lab, to name a few.nnI did learn about something interesting that was in great detail. As far as delegating medications to unlicensed personnel?.nn


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