(Answered) Nursing Home Workforce Quality Act


(Answered) Nursing Home Workforce Quality Act

My chosen topic for Assignment 1 is regarding nursing home workforce. Bill Number: H.R. 1265 Bill Title: Nursing Home Workforce Quality Instructions: Research and choose a state or federal bill (see above the bill I chose) related to the healthcare policy issue 3- Post a brief description of the bill a. Identify if it is a state or federal bill b. Include the bill’s number (H.R.# or S#), title, purpose, intended group/population, and outcome (if already determined). c. Provide a reason for selecting the bill. d. Identify the bill’s legislative sponsors. e. Include the full name, party affiliations, and districts   Creditable Internet websites include .org, .edu, .gov or Health On the Net (HON) approved sites Scholarly professional online journals retrieved from the library using bibliographic databases or national professional organizations are acceptable APA STYLE .

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