(Answered) Person-centered care and the importance of health literacy


(Answered) Person-centered care and the importance of health literacy

For this assignment: Instructions: Literature Review Review the Excelsior Library and locate peer reviewed articles that contain useful information on person-centered care and health literacy. Identify three (3) peer reviewed articles, about person-centered care and the importance of health literacy, that contain useful information which can be used in M7A1 Person-Centered Care. For each of the three articles, create a 2- or 3-paragraph double-spaced annotated bibliography to include the following: In your own words, provide a summary of the key elements of the article and its importance to person-centered care and nursing practice. Describe the author’s main arguments and conclusions. Provide a citation for each article using APA 6th edition formatting, with direct hyperlink. On a separate, additional page, in 2 – 3 paragraphs discuss in your own words what you have learned from these articles, the role of the nurse in the provision of person-centered care, and the importance of evaluating an individual’s health literacy.

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