(Answered): Political, social, economic, or cultural issue in the United States today


(Answered): Political,social,economic, or cultural issue in the United States today

Write a 10-12 page research paper using primary and secondary sources. Topic: Your paper should address a political, social, economic, or cultural issue in the United States today and discuss its historical background and context – for example, how did this issue or situation come about, and what makes it a concern in 2016? You should also discuss how it can be solved today, or how it might have been averted, if it is a problem, and its impact on the lives of Americans. Some broad topics or questions you might consider (but focus your paper, and feel free to choose your own ideas): i. Is the United States a “post-racial” society? ii. The economic collapse of 2008, its causes and legacies. iii. The polarization of American politics. iv. The American involvement in the Middle East and Afghanistan. v. Gender equality in the economy and culture. vi. Gender roles, and the changing definition of the family. vii. Urban renewal. viii. Global warming and other environmental issues. ix. Citizenship and identity. Sources: At least half of your sources must be primary sources. These may include newspaper and magazine articles, documentaries, media coverage and films contemporary to the period, and any of the primary sources in the course pack. You may not use any Internet-only sources. Use of Wikipedia, Spark Notes, or any other unsigned online-only source (encyclopedias, etc.) will result in an automatic failing grade. Proposal: Submit a detailed proposal, including a provisional thesis, outline and a preliminary bibliography. This should be no more than three pages in length, including the bibliography.

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