(Answered) Prevention and Management of diabetes type 2 in Hispanic/Latinos


(Answered) Prevention and Management of diabetes type 2 in Hispanic/Latinos

Using your teaching plan from module six as a guide, along with the rubric for this assignment, develop a teaching tool to use during your teaching presentation. After the presentation, participants complete the evaluation tool that you prepared for the teaching plan. You then analyze and evaluate the achievement of learning objectives. The tools will be used as a part of your teaching presentation, which you will record on video. (The video and Practice Experience Log will be submitted by week 8). 1. Teaching Tool: (20 Points) Create or select a teaching tool that helps you deliver the content of your teaching presentation. a) The teaching tool must support the material being presented. b) Be a well written, visually attractive professional presentation that engages the learners. 2. Evaluation Tool (20 points) Develop and evaluation tool that measures the participants’ level of achievement of the learning behavior objectives (e.g. post-test or demonstration). a) Evaluation is related to behavioral objectives. b) The evaluation tool is clear and organized. c) Evaluation tool is appropriate to participants’ level of learning. 3. Analysis of Learning: (30 Points) Present evaluation method/tool to your participants (e.g. post-test, observation of return demonstration). a) Analyze the achievement of learning objectives based on the results of the evaluations received following the presentation. b) Summarize your findings. 4. Analysis of Teaching Presentation (30 Points) a) Analyze the teaching presentation and discuss both positive and negative aspects. b) Describe the personal and professional benefits achieved from completing the assignment.

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