(Answered) Spiritual leader interview 5 pages, nurse interview 4 pages


(Answered) Spiritual leader interview 5 pages, nurse interview 4 pages

1 Spiritual care in healthcare Spiritual Leader Interview- ( 25 points) Directions: 1.Select a faith community not your own. 2. Seek out a leader in this faith community. Do some background research this on this faith before the interview ( ( see rubric for details). 3. Arrange a time and place to conduct the interview. I encourage you to have a face to face conversation if at all possible, though I understand scheduling issues may necessitate a phone conversation. You may want to offer to send a list of questions that you may be asking. REMEMBER, this is not to be a conflict situation. You are there to learn what the teachings are for that particular faith tradition, not to engage in debate. The conversation can be done over a cup of coffee or lunch, and should take no more than 1 to 1 1/2 hours. Some may be finished in 15 minutes and some may invite you back to discuss more! 4. Subjects of conversation should include autonomy, how decisions are made, and what support is offered for members of that tradition. Glean information on how participants of that faith tradition view various aspects of decision making in health care. You can explore specific issues of abortion, end of life decisions, specific health care decisions such as body alterations (body modification, plastic surgery, gender reassignment), use of blood products, contraception, etc. On the next page is are some suggested questions but use your own discernment during the interview. Feel free to ask additional questions or let the conversation dictate the topics. (see mandatory & suggested questions/topics and the mandatory question at the end of this document) 5. Inquire if you may have permission to include their name and title in the presentation or remain anonymous. If they are a leader, they probably are glad to have their name known and also contact information if anyone is interested or has more questions about their faith community, beliefs and traditions. 6. Be sure to thank them – a handwritten note or an email is always appreciated. 7. Submit a 4-5 page APA paper of your interview on Brightspace using the template/rubric for the assignment. This may be formatted either in narrative or bullet points/questions and answers as appropriate however, you must use the topics/headings in the rubric ( Background, Basic Interview Information , Interview Questions, Personal Reflection). A title and reference page are required. Do NOT include an abstract. The title and reference page are included in the page count. Note: Since you are interviewing the leader and the interview will not be available for others in the future, this is included only as an in-text citation as a “personal communication” and is NOT included on the reference page. See APA book on how to create this citation for an interview. Papers over 5 pages will receive a 2 point deduction per page. Interview Questions: The bolded topics must be addressed and the underlined questions are mandatory. Feel free to add a few of your own questions if you desire. The last question is mandatory about the nurse’s role. Pregnancy/Birth What are the teachings regarding when life begins? What types of birth control are permitted Are there any special rituals/customs during pregnancy or birth? What are the teachings on abortion in your faith tradition? In what cases might it be supported? In the case of an emergency during childbirth or pregnancy, are there teachings/beliefs about the priority of the maternal vs. fetal life? Illness and health What does illness mean to someone in your faith community? Who should be notified ? What practices, rituals, or artifacts are important during illness and /or hospitalization? What practices does your faith encourage/discourage to promote health and or prevent disease? Does the patient have autonomy in making health care decisions? Diet Are there any special teachings/practices regarding diet ( i.e fasting, avoiding certain foods, eating certain foods)? If so, are there exceptions during illness, pregnancy, or lactation? Death/End of life care How is the topic of end of life care addressed by your faith tradition? Are there guidelines regarding burial/cremation or a funeral? Is autopsy and or organ transplants permitted? How is euthanasia viewed? Are there any guidelines on stopping food and hydration? Mandatory question: If I was the nurse for a member of your faith tradition, what issue/aspect(s) would you would want me to be aware of in discussing or providing his/her care? 2 Interview a nurse using the following form. You may ask the questions directly or give it to the nurse and collect it later. Please do not include the nurse’s name or any identifying information. Please assure them of confidentiality. Write a one page summary of the interview regarding your findings, your thoughts about the interview and the nurse’s responses, and relate/reference one of the required readings from any week. You must provide at least one citation and reference. Please be sure to submit both the questionnaire with the nurse’s answers and also the second part of the assignment also. It would be easier for me if you would submit it as one document though that has a few pages: 1-2 pages for the questionairre and a one page summary with a reference. Please do not exceed 4 pages total. A title page is not necessary and you may put the reference at the bottom of the page or on a separate page. I am hoping to tally the results of the questionnaires and share them with you.

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