(Answered): The History of African American Hair standard of beauty in the United States


(Answered): The History of African American Hair standard of beauty in the United States

Compose a research paper on the HISTORY of a topic of your choice. Narrow your topic to a specific aspect, and if possible identify the time range for your focus. Below are a few examples to illustrate the process of brainstorming for this project.  Research should be conducted mostly on GALILEO Minimum six (6) sources Minimum three (3) scholarly sources Non-scholarly online sources outside of GALILEO must be credible sources with these domains. .edu (or credible and reliable web sites of research institutes) .gov .org (excluding Wikipedia)   In-Text Citations While I expect that a significant portion of your essay content to come from secondary sources, it does not mean that your paper can be composed mostly of quotations! Your summaries of the literature must be in your own words for the most part. You may quote sparingly here and there. Each of your source must not be quoted more than twice if using short quotations (four lines or fewer) and once if using long quotation (more than four lines but not 10 lines). Remember the 20% rule (for quotations)!!   In-Text Documentation Your research paper MUST show evidence of research content by providing in-text documentation in parenthetical form THROUGHOUT the paper! If no in-text documentation is provided, 15 points will be automatically deducted.   Works Cited Page Provide a works cited page along with your research paper. Sources must be documented according to MLA guidelines. All sources listed on the page MUST refer to an actual in-text documentation presented in the paper. A works cited page does not count if it has no direct references in the paper.   Format MLA Format   Length 1500 words minimum Minimum word count does NOT include works cited page. Failure to meet this length will incur automatic point deduction based on the extent of shortage.  

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