(Answered): The Market Revolution and the civil war 1782-1865


(Answered): The Market Revolution and the civil war 1782-1865

All answer will be from the time frame after 1782 to 1865. -500 words excluding references,for each question MLA format -references -edited 1. How did a farmer moving along the Northeastern part of the Atlantic coast to the Midwest in 1790s create the Market Revolution? How in the first time in history where single young women worked outside of the house? Please explain who United States shift away from an agrarian society to a growing urban center? 2. What was the reason for the Civil War? How did Lincoln prevent the slave states that didn’t join the South from disunion during the war? How did he free the slaves from the South who did disunion? How did he implement this plan? note: Questions 1 and 2 are different, both questions are essays questions with 500 words each and i will need references for each question.

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