(Answered): The role of USSR in the war in Yugoslavia 1990-2001


(Answered): The role of USSR in the war in Yugoslavia 1990-2001

The text should be adjusted, both, to right and left margins. Font: Times New Roman 12 pt and 2 pt spaces between the lines are required. Margins should be 2,5 cm and the first line in each paragraph should start after 0.46 cm or 13 pt. Quotation Every exact quotation should be written in italics or in quotation mark ” „or ‚ ‚ and every filling in quotation should be in [ ]. Your own underlines should be marked with bold or underlined writing. Omissions should be marked with […]. At the end of each quotation should be a reference to a footnote containing an information about its source (author, title, publisher and year of publication, page). Example page and footnotes you can find in this file. Bibliography and footnotes Every paper should contain bibliography and footnotes. Please use Chicago Manual Style 16thedition ( in footnotes. Using websites is acceptable but only those reliable. Using Wikipedia and similar sites is prohibited. Consulting bibliography with lecturer is recommended. Font in footnotes should be Times New Roman 10 pt and spaces between the lines 1 pt Delivering in DOC or DOCX

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