(Answered): Viewing Guide, New York; A Documentary


(Answered): Viewing Guide, New York; A Documentary

Viewing Guide, The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Instructions: View the video and answer the following questions. Answers that do not come from the video will be considered incorrect. What reforms did progressives accomplish in New York in the first decade of the 20th century? 2. What was an average workweek in New York’s garment industry in the early 20th century? 3. Why were employers (even benevolent employers) forced to abuse their employees? 4. What New York institution was the major “stumbling block” to reform efforts in the city? 5. What was Clara Lemlich’s message at Cooper Union in November 1909? 6. How did New York city government respond to the garment workers’ strike in 1909-1910? 7. Why did owners of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company lock the exit doors of its factory? 8. How many people were killed in the Triangle Shirtwaist fire on March 25, 1911? 9. What was the trial outcome for the factory owners, Isaac Harris and Max Blanc? 10. Why did Tammany Hall change course and become an advocate of reform? 11. What two protégés of the Tammany machine led the reform efforts of the New York Legislature? 12. Who promoted reform legislation like child labor laws, factory laws, wages and hours laws, safety laws, and the like? 13. Who opposed these laws? 14. What instrument did progressives rely on to accomplish reforms?

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