(Answered) Written Assignment 2: Letter to Legislator & Policy Brief


(Answered) Written Assignment 2: Letter to Legislator & Policy Brief

State: New Jersey Zip: 07603 (Bogota) Purpose and Overview The purpose of this assignment is to apply knowledge of the health policy process to letter writing, policy research and dissemination. Directions Write a letter to your state member of the Legislature or a Member of Congress from your state regarding a national or state health policy. For pending bills: students:should utilize web references provided in the text and/or Associations such as the American Nurses Association (ANA): Nurses World. From the ANA homepage, the student can link to the Government Affairs page and search current legislation. The letter must be: in support of or in opposition to a current piece of legislation; one page, using a standard letter format; addressed properly to the student’s member of Congress or State Legislator; to identify members of Congress, the student should visit and enter his or her home zip code, to identify State Legislators the student should access his or her home state’s Legislative home page, include an additional one-page policy document (brief) that summarizes the student’s rationale for support or opposition; include at least two scholarly references, in APA format, that support the student’s position and include a concise overview of the rationale.

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