Are drug courts the solution to addressing nonviolent drug offenders?


Are drug courts the solution to addressing nonviolent drug offenders?

Assignment Details Argumentative Essay (Phase 1) Overview of the argumentative essay: Throughout the course, you will build a 4–5-page argumentative essay. An argumentative essay requires writers to explore a topic (issue), collect and consider evidence, and establish an opinion on the topic in a brief way. The complete essay must incorporate research (quotes, summarization, and paraphrasing) and include references. The final product, written in five phases, requires the following: Assess the writing situation. See page 8 of Chapter 1 in your textbook, English Composition, for specific information about the writing situation. Choose a topic. Research the issue, and analyze evidence to form an opinion. Write a claim (thesis statement) that is supported with reasons from credible sources. Write an introduction that announces your purpose and hooks readers. Write 3 body paragraphs (including at least 1 quotation, 1 summarization, and 1 paraphrase with corresponding in-text citations and references). Write a counter-argument paragraph that addresses an opposing opinion. Write a conclusion that restates your claim and summarizes the evidence. Write the References, Abstract, and Title pages. In this unit, you will work on the first phase of your essay. For this Unit 2 Submission, submit only the opening paragraph (double-spaced, in 12-point Times New Roman font, with in-text citations) and the APA-style Reference page for grading (please do not submit the entire worksheet). Your tasks for this week are as follows: Finalize the topic for your paper based on the topic you selected for the Discussion Board and the feedback your instructor and peers provided, or select one from the list below. Review the source in the Topic Bibliography on the topic that you discussed in Unit 1 Discussion Board. Locate a similar, credible source on the issue using the AIU Library and this Internet search tool, by conducting a key word search based on your research topic. Think about the evidence you find so that you can form an opinion. In addition, locate at least 1 element of multimedia (such as advertisements, social media, documentaries, and so forth) that supports the evidence. Multimedia such as visuals, videos, and audio are often used in an essay to highlight, clarify, or further explain an item in that essay. For assistance, use this AIU Library Databases Tour. use this TRAP test to ascertain the credibility of your sources. Complete this worksheet to assist you in composing an opening paragraph for your essay. Do not submit the worksheet; it is for guidance purposes only with the unit 2 Submission. It should establish a thesis statement that reflects the essay’s overall claim and explain the importance of the selected topic. Be sure you support the claim with two reasons based on evidence, and include at least 1 quote from the sources that you assembled in Steps 2, 3, or 4. Explain the rationale for the selected quote(s). Prepare an APA-style Reference page that lists the source(s) used in the opening paragraph. For help with formatting your paper; using quotations, paraphrases, and in-text citations; and creating a reference list, refer to the AIU APA Guide. You can also watch these short APA Video Tutorials for help.

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