Bi-polar disorder: Predisposition/Environmental Condition


Bi-polar disorder: Predisposition/Environmental Condition

The topic for your research paper must be argumentative; feel free to contact me for feedback, if you are unsure. You may not write about a topic covered in another essay for this course. The paper must be an argument, as presented in this course. It must have a clearly-stated major proposition, support of the major proposition, and a refutation. CQ Researcher, a database available to you via the College’s Library, is an excellent resource for both topics and articles! Here is a link to areas to probe for topics (You are not limited to these topics.): The research paper should consist of the following: a. a brief (see course outline for examples) b. the text of the research paper (5 pages of text – NOTE: text does NOT include brief or Works Cited!) c. a Works Cited page (minimum of 5 sources, two of which must NOT be generic internet sites.) For up-to-date citation information use:

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