Book Review Essay


 When the spirit catches you and you fall down. ( chapter 4-6)

  1. According to chapter 4 in the book, what perceptions of American physicians may have affected Hmong refugees’ ability to feel that they could trust the American health care system?
  2. How did Dwight Conquergood make some headway in working to promote public health among Hmong refugees at Ban Vanai camp?
  3. How may some of the negative perceptions of Foua and Nao Kao by staff affected how they cared for Lia and her family?
  4. How did you find yourself feeling about Foua and Nao Kao’s continual “noncompliance” with Lia’s medication regimen?
  5. Describe how Merced’s public health department effectively handled a public health situation regarding a Hmong family raising rats in the home and how could this communication have easily broken down?

Students will write a typed summary of questions that pertain to weekly readings assigned to Fadiman (1997) text.

Grading will focus primarily on the demonstration of your understanding and reflection on the content of the questions with ease of reading/organization as a secondary focus. Remember to use APA formatting for each book report which means there will be a cover page and reference page included with each book review. In this case it is ok to use the first person when responding to questions that ask for your personal values/input/reflection. Answers to questions must be at least 100 words and should be typed and double spaced with 12 point font. Please include the number of the question and then include a summary of the question in your response.

Example: 1. Foua Lee and Neil Ernst appeared to finally make peace with one another when they….