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One of the most important things for a business organization in the modern day environment is to protect the information of their clients and customers. The clients of a business are the most valuable stakeholders that associate themselves with a company because of the trust that they have in them. However, if a business organization will not be able to protect their information, the trust cannot be maintained which will affect the performance of the company in the market (Horadan 2017).

In order to make sure that a company has protected the information of their clients in such a way that there is minimum risk to it, there are certain practices that can be adopted by an organization. For this, one of the primary needs of the company is to create a good software environment. This needs them to develop a software in such a way that the employees of the company are able to understand the security aspects of it and the seriousness of these issues. This will also include an architecture analysis which will determine if the software is able to deal with the potential threats. This will also be based on a number of attack models. In order to increase the security of their software, the business organization can also conduct software testing on a number of different attack models to select the one that is best for their business (Lustgarten, 2015).

Once the company has developed a software that is suitable according to their needs, it is important for them to make sure that it is able to perform efficiently when required. For this, continuous testing of the software and the attack model is also important. The employees of the company need to be trained about using the software with safety and should also be trained in such a way that they are able to adopt the best practices of recovery in case of an emergency or an attack on the system (Horadan 2017).


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As an IT consultant, I will advise the organization to secure client’s data by implementing multiple security solutions (Blankley, 2014). Several threats may interfere with clients’ information. Those threats may include; Trojans, worms and viruses to mention a few. It is therefore advisable for n organization to provide several layers of security technology to devices within the organization in order to hinder data attacks (Tipton, 2017). I will also advise the organization to ensure that they encrypt the sensitive information that has been backed up. Most of the e-commerce businesses do not encrypt information meant for customers they also ensure that they encrypt as they back up the data in order to eliminate cases of being hacked in transit.

They also employ competent individuals to secure the systems as well as the data. Such individuals should also be trustworthy. People with bad intention may be pretending to be seeking for a job but in the real sense, they could be planning the system. I will also ensure that I advise them to secure the hardware to protect the data (Blankley, 2014). Most of the organizations which are business-oriented make use of data recovery plans in protecting their data but it is also advisable for the business organization to expand security to devices like laptops. I will also advise the staff of such organization to ensure their data is always safe.

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