CC Music Consultancy Report


OaIM Assignment: “CC Music” Consultancy Report

Assessment Brief June 2019

Module Title Operations and Information Management
CRN 35973; 33150; 33216; 34492; 33214; 33320; 35972; 33321; 33129
Level Master’s
Module Leader/ Assessment set by    
Assessment title   Information Management Report
Submission deadline/ Assessment date and time   Upload your report by the end of Unit 6 – midnight July 4th
Mode of submission Submissions should be machine readable and uploaded to UNIVERSITY in MS-Word format only; submit only one file, and include any other input as images inside the submission document, not embedded files.
Assessed intended learning outcomes   On successful completion of this assessment, you will be able to:   Knowledge and Understanding   Critically analyse the theory, concepts and models of operations and information management and demonstrate an understanding of the strategic importance of information management in global organisations.Evaluate critically the fundamental principles of information systems and the significance of a socio-technical approach to their use in organisations. Select and apply appropriate problem-solving and improvement approaches for information systems in organisations.   Transferable/Key Skills and other Attributes   Identify and utilise appropriate methods for collecting and analysing data related to operations and information management Locate, summarise and synthesise a range of information from published literature and electronic sources on operations and information management Use communication skills; listening; questioning; oral and written; using a range of media, including the preparation of audit report and delivering presentations; Show effective use of Communication and Information Technology (CIT) by creating a report;  
Weighting within module   This assessment is worth 50% of the overall module mark.  
Assignment Brief     As    Case Study: CC Music   Chris and Clive are both former music and music technology teachers who have recently taken early retirement. However, they have a long history of playing in bands and being session musicians, therefore they intend to remain busy.  A Northern Soul band that they have worked with for many years, touring around the North West of England, will now become their focus. Chris and Clive have always managed all aspects of the band (studio work, playing at events, parties, TV and radio programmes). They publicise the band via a website, deal with all booking arrangements over the phone, and receive contracts and cheque payments through the post. The other six band members simply turn up and play. The band has always played at least twelve gigs a year, but this is likely to increase substantially now that they can commit more time to networking and promotions. As such, they will be required to take a much more professional approach. In addition, several other bands have asked if they will represent them for an agreed fee. As a professional route, this would mean considerable time working as music agents to promote other artists.   Chris and Clive are aware that starting the agency would require a business approach. They would be responsible for; social media marketing, keeping business accounts, providing an updated calendar of events, and keeping track of the communications between themselves, the clients who want to book bands, and the bands who are signed to CC Music.   They realise that technology will play an important part in the business. They have read about Customer Relationship Management software and Enterprise Resource Management software, but just don’t know what kind of information technology support they really need as a small to medium enterprise (SME). They require professional business information technology advice before they can make any final decisions about investing funds in business software. Also, they are very keen on the potential of Open Source Software to keep the cost to a minimum.   Growing CC Music into a full-time small business is also of interest to younger family members who want to be involved. Chris has a daughter and Clive has a niece, both of whom are keen to support the business and potentially manage the business in the future. They have all agreed to run the business in a democratic style and, as such, everyone will have an equal vote on any business decisions. Therefore, CC Music requires a report that can be read and understood by all of them. You are the OIM consultant who is responsible for researching this business and providing a consultancy report.  
  Task details and instructions   Your Task You are a consultant who has been employed to advise CC Music on the effective implementation of strategic changes. You are required to produce the following:       Part A:Analysis – Business Process Models and strategy analysis In this section you should develop etc   Part B: Open Source Software Comparison Table In this section, you should conduct research into a suitable software solution for CC Music. You should decide on the set of characteristics which you will use to evaluate the software, and your research should consider 4-5 alternatives in detail. This section should be presented as a table.   Part C: Report In this section, you should write a report which provides an overview of the current situation for CC Music together with a roadmap outlining how the proposed changes to the business can be achieved to the benefit of the business. This should draw on your analysis in Part A, include your recommendation for software in Part B, and provide recommendations for ensuring that the strategy is effectively implemented, including consideration of the challenges ahead.   This section, should follow a standard report structure: Title Page – Contents – Introduction – Main Section – Conclusions and Recommendations – References.   Part D:            Reflection on your contribution to the online discussion In this section you should submit a 250 word reflective summary, accompanied by your own self-assessment of your contribution to the online elements throughout the module, using the table labelled Reflection Self-Assessment Pro forma in Appendix A (copy and paste it into your assignment document) to show your performance. The reflective report should include your detailed reflection, supported with evidence (pasted URLs) from the online discussion, detailed below:
  You should use appropriate theories, frameworks, models, that we have covered in the module, to inform and justify your recommendations.   Make full use of the UNIVERSITY Class Forum Threads to Help With Your Assignment The unit’s discussion threads should be used by you to explore the assignment further.  It is recommended that you use these to: Share papers and articles that you have found on relevant topics (remember to include links / reference / pdfs if you do this!)Discuss the changes to the ways of working for CC Music – i.e. discuss what processes will change, and explore how these might work in practice. You might also consider the changing information needs of the businessDiscuss and share examples of Open Source software that could be of use for CC Music. Please don’t be shy in using these discussion threads – the purpose is to give you experience of using collaborative technologies.  Do not, however, discuss your intended approach to writing your submission or parts of that submission.
Word count     Section Content Word Count Marks Part A Analysis – Business Process Models and strategy analysis 1000 (equivalent to) 30 Part B Open Source Software Comparison Table 500 (equivalent to) 20 Part C Report 1250 40 Part D Reflection on your contribution to the online discussion 250 10   Total 3000 100
Marking criteria/ scheme   See Grading Policy under the Support tab of the UNIVERSITY platform.
Feedback arrangement Summative feedback, (including an indicative mark that is conditional upon moderation and ratification by university exam board) will be provided two weeks following submission.  
Support arrangements Tutors will answer questions on the structure of the assignment in the Forum.    Details of the following can be found on the University website can be asked about specific issues:   Academic Misconduct The University takes all forms of academic misconduct seriously.  This includes plagiarism, asking someone else to write your assessment for you or taking notes into an exam. You can find out how to avoid academic misconduct on the University website.   Assessment Information Questions about assessment rules.   Personal Mitigating Circumstances If personal mitigating circumstances may have affected your ability to complete this assessment.  
Re-assessment If you fail your assessment, and are eligible for reassessment, you will receive notice of your resit assignment in due course from StudentCare.

Appendix A: Reflection Self-Assessment Proforma

Example (Fictional student and subject) Before I started researching the subject of open source, I assumed that support was not available for small businesses (see A Student’s posting of 16 Oct). In writing my report I realised that there are a variety of models of support.

  80+ 70-79 60-69 50-59 40-49 0-40
Quality of contributions Made several good contributions and one or more outstanding contribution. Made several good contributions. Made a few good contributions Made a few valid contributions Made 1 or 2 postings, of poor quality Did not contribute.
Attribution of references Clear referencing of well-chosen and highly relevant sources Clear referencing of all sources, some relevant. Clear referencing of all sources. Sources generally referenced. Used ideas/ words of others without attribution. Cut and paste or absent contributions.
Evidence of collaboration/ facilitation skills Skill shown in weaving contributions into the discussions, and following up on contributions of others. Skill shown in weaving contributions into discussion, or following up on contributions of others Some evidence of links to contributions of others. Basic recognition of contributions of others. Little or no recognition of contributions of others. None
Reflection on online contributions (in reflective summary) Deep reflection shown, with clear and substantial evidence from online discussion Good reflection, with clear evidence from online discussion Reflection and evidence offered, limitations in one of these Reflection and evidence offered, limitations in both of these Superficial reflection, very limited evidence Very little or no reflection/evidence.

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