Choose an example of unethical research from CITI training or the readings and examine the impact of unethical research on participants, researchers, and practice, both contemporary and present. Consult The Belmont Report in your examination


Choose an example of unethical research from CITI training or the readings and examine the impact of unethical research on participants, researchers, and practice, both contemporary and present. Consult The Belmont Report in your examination

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From reading the Belmont Report, we are aware that the 3 ethical principles in regard to research involving human subjects are respect for persons, beneficence and justice. When looking at respect for persons, we are introduced to the term autonomy. As stated by Bailey (n.d.), “Autonomy means that people must be empowered to make decisions concerning their own actions and well-being” (para. 10). What this means is that participants must be given enough information to choose whether they want to participate in a research study and that they also have the mental capacity to give consent (Bailey, n.d., para. 10). 

When looking at Laud Humphreys’ study the Tearoom Trade: Impersonal Sex in Public Places, Laud misrepresented himself and gained the trust of other men by withholding his true identity. Laud acted as a “lookout” all while gathering data about men who were meeting for casual sex encounters. He also obtained their license plate numbers so he could contact them in the future. First, according to the Belmont Report, this study violated the principle of respect for persons. The men were not informed of the study and had not agreed to participate. None of them had given informed consent and therefore this study was deemed unethical. The participants of the study were misled and deceived, the researcher was proven to be unethical due to the way he gathered his data and this study affected the practice by helping set guidelines for informed consent and establish ways to protect research subjects. Because of the way research was gathered in the Tearoom Trade study, we now have guidelines for researchers to follow. 


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Research is one of the most important aspect to healthcare. It is crucial to developing and improving treatments for patients. Developing studies and learning from the results is an intricate part of research, together this leads to evidence based practice. The use of humans for research, medication studies, experimental treatments for new advances in healthcare is inevitable but must be done ethically. 

In 1971 the Stanford Prison Experiment was implemented by Philip Zimbardo, the purpose of this study was to evaluate the human response to captivity. Even though the results of the research allowed insight to human behavior, the study was unethical in many ways. Human beings were treated inhumanely. Approximately 36 hours after the study started the physical and psychological affects caused many of the prisoners extreme distress (Robinson Bailey, 2019).

Related to the unethical treatment of these prisoners involved in this study and so many others in previous studies, the Belmont Report was written in 1974. The Belmont Report outlines ethical treatments when utilizing human studies. “It is a statement of basic ethical principles and guidelines that should assist in resolving ethical problems that surround the conduct of research with human subjects” (“Read the Belmont Report”.2019). It consists ethical principals and guidelines for conducting research involving human subjects such as boundaries between practice and research, basic ethical principles including respect for persons, beneficence and justice; and finally informed consent and information (“Read the Belmont Reports”,2019).

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