Compare and contrast two corporate governance (UK and Germany)


Compare and contrast two corporate governance (UK and Germany)

Corporate Governance Coursework (UK and Germany) Coursework is a written ACADEMIC assignment. In this project you could use both current and past examples to illustrate your points. Maximum length = 4,000 words, excluding the reference list. Requirements: 1. Compare and contrast the corporate governance systems of two countries. Consider the corporate governance reforms that have taken place in each and assess to what extent these have been successful. Must be able to show application of academic research. 2. Look at a selection of corporate governance codes of practice. Consider the different ways in which the codes deal with stakeholders and assess to what extent corporate governance reform around the world is taking a genuine interest in stakeholder concerns. Must be able to show application of academic research. Harvard style of referencing to be applied. At least 30 sources of reference. Please use a UK dictionary . Assessment criteria: Structure/Presentation: – 10% Your essay requires an introduction. This outlines the structure and content of your academic essay and the subsequent sections. Literature Review: – 20% It is essential that you support your arguments with supporting researched, referenced views and /or data from reputable sources. The reader will need to be convinced that you have not simply fabricated your ideas. (Harvard Referencing to be followed). (Areas to consider = Research Methodology. Critique and justification. Balanced perspective of main sources used. Good range of source e.g. journalistic / news, academic book / online journal. References list). Depth of Content: – 35% Your points should be sufficiently well explained with evidence based analysis to ensure that they stand up to academic critique. (Areas to consider = Theories from contemporary sources. Sources varied. Synthesis of arguments and theory. Originality of research and argument). Measured Analysis: – 35% An academic argument or point of view is not convincing if you do not clearly demonstrate that you have considered the standpoint of others and either rejected them or used them to support and validate your perspective. (Areas to consider = Balanced Points. Alternative perspectives. Academic theory support. Data evidence).

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