Compare/Contrast Death of a Salesman and The Doll’s House


Compare/Contrast Death of a Salesman and The Doll’s House

1. Compare and contrast the two plays, focusing especially on themes/ideas the two plays share in common or help illuminate. But a partial list would include such things as the divided life/identity; false dreams of self-fulfillment; the hunger for status, especially related to a certain amount of wealth and possessions; the fragmentation of family; the fundamental human drive for happiness; and so forth. don’t write about the issue of “gender.” This is an important issue in both plays, but it has been done to death. Find something else, such as love/lack of love between spouses; lies; desire for wealth. 2. This paper will require three additional sources not counting the plays themselves. This means that the Works Cited page will have five sources all together. put the Works Cited page on a separate page. The sources should be from (the two plays in book “literature for composition” eleventh edition “A Doll’s house” (p1340-1389), “Death of a Salesman” (p1056-1121), of course with quoted from the plays in the book. again, these plays should be from the book “literature for composition” they are not from the original plays book’s 3. Two movies “Death of a Salesman” the best version of this movie is ” death of salesman1985″, and “A Doll’s house” the best version of this movie is” A Doll’s house1973″. then any last source from internet website should be trusted. Use third person voice (i.e., no “I” or “you”). MLA format 2016. Last thing it should be comparing in common not showing the different who is better than the other.

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